How to Unplug and Enjoy Vacation

by Leo Pound on May 11, 2015

Vacation Strategy | Leo Pound | Pound Consulting

How do you unplug while on vacation? Do you ever truly lose touch with the office? Will your business survive without you for a week or so? I was prompted to write this post after reading an article written by Barry Moltz for You can read the article here. It’s a great blog with […]

Business Financing: 3 Considerations

by Leo Pound on April 20, 2015

Financing BLOG | Leo Pound | Pound Consulting

Business and finance are inseparable in the minds of entrepreneurs. Seeking additional funding for an existing company can be a pivotal moment; determining if and when the time is right to finance a business depends largely upon projected viability of the business despite recent or near-term setbacks. If you are considering business financing, here are […]

3 Hurdles Most Businesses Fear

by Leo Pound on March 16, 2015

Pound Consulting | Leo Pound | Business

Every business has it’s own set of hurdles. Some are industry specific, or resulting from regional variables, seasonal fluctuations, technology developments and product centric issues. For those of you running a business in Boston, for example, you certainly have had your own set of challenges this winter. How has the snow and ice delayed your […]

Business Travel: 3 Tips for Less Stress

by Leo Pound on March 2, 2015

Business Travel | Leo Pound | Pound Consulting

Do you ever have one of those weeks or months that keep you spinning? My schedule lately has taken me all over the East Coast, as my business travel plans change almost daily. That is due in part to the wintery weather we have had in the Philadelphia and New York areas. Anyone else tired of […]

How To Provide Value as a Board Member

by Leo Pound on January 12, 2015

How To Provide Value as a Board Member

Being a board member is not just about sitting in a room four times a year and discussing the company’s position.  There are responsibilities beyond those in-person meetings and considerations before you say yes to a potential board appointment.  I am on several boards.  You can read about them here.  Each company and therefor, each […]

Life Changing Small Moments

by Leo Pound on December 30, 2014

Life Changing Small Moments

As we near the end of 2014, I always like to reflect a bit. Sometimes it’s about family, business and related goals. As I was thinking about my 2014 filled with so much change, it made me think about how I ended up where I am today. I am a big believer in things happening […]

Family Business: Are Your Kids Ready?

by Leo Pound on December 9, 2014

Family Business: Are Your Kids Ready?

How do you know if your children and other family members are ready to takeover the family-owned business? Only about 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation. What about the third generation? That chance of success drops to a shocking 12%. You have worked hard to build your business and your reputation. Making […]

Six Strategies for Family Business

by Leo Pound on November 24, 2014

Pound Consulting | Leo Pound | Family Business

It is often said that the first generation builds the business, the second generation makes it a success and the third wrecks it.  There have been many iterations of this quote originally penned by American businessman, Andrew Carnegie.  Unfortunately, generations later, it still holds true.  The Family Firm Institute reports that less than one-third of […]

Downturn: Six Steps to Turn It Around

by Leo Pound on November 17, 2014

Downturn |Pound Consulting Thumb | Leo Pound

Is your business in a downturn? Are you stuck in a place of indecision, not knowing what to do? Let’s face it, building a successful business in today’s economic climate is a constant challenge. Political uncertainty, fluctuating consumer confidence and macroeconomic growth are the norm. As a result, many businesses find themselves forced to face […]

Case Study: A Recent Turnaround

by Leo Pound on November 3, 2014

Printing Company | Leo Pound | Pound Consulting

I wanted to share with you an insider’s look at what I do every day. This particular case was a two-year assignment. It began as a classic turnaround case, but quickly evolved into much more. There were family dynamics in place, outdated infrastructure, inadequate accounting systems and a disconnect between management. This case was a […]