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Modern businesses face enormous challenges. We understand all facets of rapidly growing businesses as well as those in transition.  We are in the business of improving your business.  Founded in 1999, Pound Consulting Inc. has helped many companies around the world facing financial challenges.  Whether it is a turnaround situation or rapid growth we will find valuable, equitable and cost-effective solutions.  With each client we help, Pound Consulting’s reputation for achieving intelligent and sound business solutions continues to grow.  Equally, a reputation for upholding high ethical standards places Pound Consulting amongst the most trusted names in corporate renewal.

We don’t liquidate companies - we renew them. - Leo Pound

Pound Consulting: Solid experience, proven results.

We are a highly focused change-management firm committed to your transition.  We offer solid experience in successfully navigating change that affect many companies.  Our team of knowledgeable consultants often manage:

  • Revenue growth, organic and acquired
  • Debt restructuring
  • Poor financial performance
  • Loss of key management
  • Relationships with trade creditors and lending source
  • Bottom-line results and ROI

“We are not here to liquidate companies. We have a moral and ethical obligation to our clients to protect them and their families,” says Leo Pound, who personally proposes, leads and closes each assignment. Pound Consulting’s team are all former senior executives, bringing over 25 years experience to every project. Each member of our talented team has lead a successful career at family-owned, private equity funded and public companies from $5 million to $500 million in annual revenue. The value Pound Consulting Inc. brings to the table is measurable.

Is your company in transition? Contact us so we can develop a strategic plan that will result in profit, performance and renewal.

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